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Statement on Utah County’s Proposed Tax Increase

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Cities, Counties, Special Service Districts Propose Tax Increases

In last month’s edition of the Utah Taxpayer, we reviewed a few cities and school districts that are looking to increase their levies on taxpayers. As happens every summer, cities and school districts, along with a few special service districts, prepare their budget for the new fiscal year and consider property tax increases. The Utah […]

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TAX ALERT: Pleasant Grove is Discussing a new $1 Million Utility Fee

Despite Utah County voters overwhelming rejecting Proposition 1 in 2015, officials in Pleasant Grove are ignoring the direct voice of their constituents and trying to impose a mandatory, monthly fee to pay for roads. The fee, (just another way to say “tax”), would be forced upon every household and business in the entire city, which […]

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TAX ALERT! $9.4 Million Tax Increase Considered by Salt Lake County Council

TAX ALERT! Tell the Salt Lake County Council to vote AGAINST raising your property taxes by  $9.4 Million!  This Tuesday, December 8th at 6 p.m., the Salt Lake County Council will vote whether to increase property taxes on Salt Lake County taxpayers by $9.4 million. A 20-year bond, which paid for county jail facilities, is expected to be retired at […]

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Tax Questions on the November Ballot

Despite being an odd-year election, there are still plenty of reasons to vote when November rolls around. In addition to the municipal elections that are taking place, there are a number of tax-related measures that have found their way onto the ballot. Your Utah Taxpayers Association have been monitoring these issues.

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TAX ALERT! $49 Million Tax Increase Considered by the Salt Lake County Council

This Tuesday, August 4th at 4:00 PM the Salt Lake County Council will vote whether to place a $49 million sales tax increase for transportation and transit on the November 2015 ballot. Contact your county council member TODAY!

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