Tell the Salt Lake County Council to vote against placing a 

$49 Million Sales Tax Increase

on the November ballot

This Tuesday, August 4th at 4:00 PM the Salt Lake County Council will vote whether to place a .25% sales tax increase for transportation and transit on the November 2015 ballot.

$20.3 million of the sales tax increase would go towards funding Utah Transit Authority (UTA) projects instead of fixing and maintaining roads in Salt Lake County. 

UTA already receives $139.2 million in sales tax revenue from Salt Lake County taxpayers.

Don’t let low voter turnout force a permanent tax increase on all taxpayers! Only 25.8% of voters participated in the last municipal election in Salt Lake County.

Contact your Salt Lake County Council Member TODAY and tell them to vote AGAINST placing this sales tax hike on the ballot! 

 Click names for Council Member contact info:

Arlyn Bradshaw

Michael Jensen

Aimee Winder Newton

Sam Granato

Steve DeBry

Max Burdick

Countywide Council Members:

Jenny Wilson

Richard Snelgrove

Jim Bradley

Salt Lake County Taxpayers Pay Enough!

  • Salt Lake County has the second highest combined sales and use tax rate in Utah at 6.85%. Passage of an additional sales tax would push the county’s rate over 7% and result in a tax increase of nearly $49 million annually on Salt Lake County taxpayers.
  • Taxpayers are already facing a 5-cent per gallon increase to the motor fuel tax, a $75 million property tax increase, and potential additional city and school district property tax increases this fall. Utahns bear the 16 highest tax and fee burden in the United States with over 14% of their personal income going towards taxes and fees.

Tell your County Council to exercise fiscal restraint and let taxpayers keep their hard earned money!

Get more details in the Salt Lake Tribune: Op-ed: S.L. County shouldn’t put transportation tax on this year’s ballot