Purpose and Objectives


The Board of Directors of the Utah Taxpayers Association is responsible for the governance of the Association and determination of Association policies. The objective and purpose of these policies are to represent taxpayers and to promote efficient, economical government and fair and equitable taxation. This will be accomplished by:

  • A tax structure which permits a strong, healthy economy and sensible balance and rational control of government expenditures.
  • Scrutinizing tax programs and the proliferation of questionable government acts.
  • Seeking out the orderly elimination of government programs or agencies that no longer serve a useful purpose, by confronting and cooperating with public officials through use of facts.
  • Increasing the public’s awareness, participation , and understanding of taxation.
  • Being responsive to constituencies the Association serves.
The purpose and objectives for which this corporation is formed are as follows:
  • The Association shall have for its object the furtherance and stimulation of economy, consistent with efficiency, in the administration of all public affairs in the State of Utah;
  • To develop and encourage friendly relations between all persons lawfully engaged in business in the State of Utah with the state government, its political subdivisions, school districts, and any and all taxing units of the state.
  • To improve taxing methods and practices in the public and business interest;
  • To disseminate information to the members thereof and interested parties;
  • To stimulate the economy by being of service to the governmental agencies found within the state;
  • To do all things and encourage all things necessary and incident to the carrying out of such purposes.