Tell the Salt Lake County Council to vote AGAINST raising your property taxes by 

$9.4 Million! 

This Tuesday, December 8th at 6 p.m., the Salt Lake County Council will vote whether to increase property taxes on Salt Lake County taxpayers by $9.4 million. A 20-year bond, which paid for county jail facilities, is expected to be retired at the end of this month.

In 1995, voters approved the 20-year bond based on the promise that it would be removed after 20 years. 

But, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and members of the Salt Lake County Council are asking taxpayers if they’re willing to continue paying $9.4 million annually to fund other programs. 

These programs include criminal justice reform, but the proposal has not been flushed out, and it is not completely clear where all these funds will be going for the next several years. 

Join us at the public budget hearing on Tuesday, December 8th, at 6 p.m., at the Salt Lake County Council Chambers at 2001 S. State Street in Salt Lake City. 

Contact your Salt Lake County Council Member TODAY and remind them of the promise voters approved that was made 20 years ago! 

 Click names for Council Member contact info:

Arlyn Bradshaw (District 1)

Michael Jensen (District 2)

Aimee Winder Newton (District 3)

Sam Granato (District 4)

Steve DeBry (District 5)

Max Burdick (District 6)

Countywide Council Members:

Jenny Wilson

Richard Snelgrove

Jim Bradley

Salt Lake County Taxpayers Pay Enough!

  • Taxpayers are already facing a 5-cent per gallon increase to the motor fuel tax and a $75 million property tax increase. 
  • Utahns bear the 16 highest tax and fee burden in the United States with over 14% of their personal income going towards taxes and fees.

Tell your County Council to exercise fiscal restraint and let taxpayers keep their hard earned money! 

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