Your Taxpayers Association annually compiles financial and statistical data from the Utah State Office of Education for Utah’s school districts and charter schools. This information shows how Local Education Agency per-student spending trends compare.

Every year, the Utah Taxpayers Association compiles the Utah State Office of Education’s financial and statistical data for each of Utah’s 41 school districts and 114 charter schools and uses this information to compare spending trends between LEAs (local education agencies – district and charter schools).

Public education is one of the largest recipients of taxpayer dollars in Utah.

Funding public education consumed nearly 43% of Utah’s state revenue sources. 27% of all total fund sources in Utah went to public education.

In Utah, 58% of all property taxes paid goes to public education during the prior fiscal year.

Utah’s school districts and charter schools received $ 7,436,023,243 in revenues in FY 2021 and spent $7,990,769,556.


2022 School Spending Report

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