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September 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

UTOPIA Used Misleading Statements According To Utah State Auditor
Like A Broken Record – Utah Has Another Massive Surplus of $1.4 Billion – Taxpayers Deserve Meaningful Relief – Simple Simple Math Shows the Way
Demystifying Utah’s Property Tax Law and Why We Have the Best Property Tax Laws In the Nation
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July 2022 Newsletter

Arizona Blowing Utah Out of the Water On Lower Taxes and Spending Policy
Primary Election Results – Many New Faces Coming To Utah’s House and Senate
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June 2022 Newsletter

Even After Previous Failures, American Fork City Council Gambling $30 million of Taxpayer Funds on Government Owned Fiber Network
Worried About Californian’s Bringing Crazy Ideas To Utah? You Should Be. CalTax Report Highlights the Insane Asylum Known As the California Legislature
Salt Lake City Taxpayers Will Need To Speak Up – Or Get Used To It. Bloated Salt Lake City Government Becomes Even More Bloated With What Has Become A Common Occurrence – A Property Tax Hike
Latest Revenue Numbers Make It Abundantly Clear: The Right Decision For Utah Is Cutting Taxes for 2023 Now – Not More Spending
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May 2022 Newsletter

As FY 2022 Nears An End, Revenue Numbers Give Plenty Of Reasons to Provide Additional Tax Relief
Massive Tax Incentive In the Works For New Daybreak DevelopmentFamily
New Association Report Details Tax Burden of Typical Utah
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April 2022 Newsletter

Two Critical Steps the Utah Legislature Can Take Now To Address Inflation
Big Tax Cuts In Other States Dwarf Utah’s Efforts So Far
– Tips For Fighting Proposed Tax Increases Under Inflation
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March 2022 Newsletter

– Legislature Provides Some Tax Relief and Acts On Other Statewide Measures Affecting Taxpayers
– Previewing the Utah Taxpayers Association Annual “Pork Barrel” Report: A Deep Look Into Government Spending In Utah
– American Fork City Explores (Again) the Possibility of Municipal Fiber
– Utah Taxpayers Association 100 Year Anniversary Honored By Utah Legislature
Increase In Property Tax Values and Federal Funding Drastically Change Public Education Expenditures in FY 2021
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February 2022 Newsletter

Legislature Kicks off 2022 Session, Income Tax Cut Moving Quickly Through the Process
Cannon’s Canon: Legislature Can Be Prudent and Still Deliver Meaningful Relief to Taxpayers
Tax Commission Commends Taxpayers Association on its 100 Year Anniversary
Op-ed: Utah Shouldn’t Allow its Neighbors to Outcompete it on Tax Cuts
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January 2022 Newsletter

Utah Taxpayers Association Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary, Founded in 1922
Calls for Tax Cuts Increase, Other Legislative Priorities are Unveiled for 2022
– Utah’s Tax and Fee Burden Continues to Climb
– Cox’s Budget Recommends $160 Million Tax Cut
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