Bond elections should be held in November, when voters are expecting to vote on bond measures, not June when voter turnout is low. Voter turnout increases 2-8 times during the November election, and measures such as the $29 million recreation bond that Draper is proposing should be decided by as many voters as possible.

In addition, Draper residents are already paying for county recreation, and by Draper adding its own recreation facility, Draper taxpayers will be paying TWICE for recreation services.

This bond represents a 28% increase in Draper’s property tax rate. And, on top of the $29 million bond, Draper taxpayers can expect to pay an additional $12 million in interest.

All Draper taxpayers will pay these debt payments, while only 10-13% of Draper residents will use the facility.

There is no set plans for the facility, so Draper taxpayers are being asked to approve a $29 million blank check.

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