The Utah Taxpayers Association recently notified  Brigham City residents of UTOPIA’s attempts to misled, deceive and trick property owners into signing contracts that put a lien on their homes. The following mailer was sent to Brigham City residents earlier this week.

Click here to view the Utah Taxpayers Association’s “Stop UTOPIA” mailer.

Your Taxpayers Association has created a petition asking the Brigham City Council to immediately rescind the contract placing a lien on the resident’s homes who signed up for UTOPIA. The council must rescind the contract because residents were not given all “pertinent and material information… in order to make a knowing, informed” decision.

Sign the petition online by visiting UTOPIA PETITION.
Forward this link to your friends and neighbors in Brigham City!

In addition, please attend the Brigham City Council meeting this Thursday.

Brigham City Council Meeting
December 10, 2009
20 N. Main Street, Brigham City