Along with the rest of the world, the Utah Legislature has shifted how it operates. While in-person attendance for committee hearings and chamber meetings are available, the Legislature has asked that many participate online. 

Here’s a handy quick guide on how you can get involved and follow the legislative process this year. 

Find Who Represents You

On the home page ( click My Legislators and enter in your ZIP code. This will show you your current House Representative and Senator. You can learn more about your legislator, see bills they’re running, and contact them from this page. 

Daily and Weekly Calendar

On the homepage ( clicking the Calendar tab will show you the week’s agenda: Chamber floor time, different committee meetings and their agendas, and general notices about important deadlines. Keep in mind, not all meetings are shown on this calendar until officially scheduled. 

You can also use the calendar to start listening to any meeting the Legislature is holding. 

Following Along and Participating in Committees

When you have opened the Calendar tab (or the Committee heading at the top of the page) you can select any committee and you will see the committee’s information. On the left, you can listen to the audio from the selected committee’s, video (if available), agenda, minute, and meeting materials. On the right you’ll see the committee member’s information. 

If you wish to testify or present information to the committee, you can click on “Participate in Virtual Meeting” and you will be allowed to provide comment.

Legislation and Tracking

To see a list of bills, click on ‘Bills’ near the top of the page, this will open a list of bills by session. Click on 2021 General Session and you will see a list of all House, Senate, and Joint bills in pull down lists of 50 at a time.

To examine a specific bill, hit the hyperlink for the numbered bill and you will see the text of the bill on the left as well as sponsor information on the right. In addition, you can see fiscal impact as well as substitutions, amendments, and other changes to the legislation. 

You can also track bills for ease and convenience. In order to track the bill, click “Track” underneath the sponsor information on the bill page. You can add as many bills as you wish.

If you wish to see how far along the bill is in the legislative process, click “Status”, you will see all the actions that have occurred with the bill. If you wish to listen to debate or hearings on the particular piece of legislation, click “Hearings/Debate” on the right side of the gray bar. 

Putting a Face to a Name

From the home page if you’d like to learn more about your legislators click the Legislators tab at the top of the screen. There you’ll see the two chambers Senate and the house. Roster will show you the list of the 29 state senators, party affiliation, contact information and district county location. Seating chart will show you where all the senators are located as well as their pictures. Great for matching faces to names.