Congressional Vote This Saturday

Tell Your Congressman to Reject Healthcare Tax Increases

The United States House of Representatives has moved the vote on the revised healthcare reform bill from next Tuesday to this Saturday evening. The bill is expected to cost between $1.1 and $1.5 trillion and increase taxes by $725 billion!

Contact your Congressman immediately! Tell them to reject this healthcare proposal and it’s $725 billion tax increase!

Encourage your Congressman to represent the interest of Utah taxpayers by rejecting this staggering tax hike. Congressman Jim Matheson could be Nancy Pelosi’s swing vote in passing this healthcare proposal. Use the toll free number to call his office immediately!

Congressman Jim Matheson (877) 677-9743 (TOLL FREE)

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (801) 851-2500   

Congressman Rob Bishop (801) 625-0107