On January 11th, 2023, it was announced that Utah’s Congressman Blake Moore (R- CD1) had been elected to the House Ways and Means Committee. This is a huge win for taxpayers in Utah. Utah has never had a Republican member on the committee since statehood and there has never been a member on the committee from any state west of Texas.

Deriving its jurisdiction from the United States Constitution, it is the oldest and most prestigious committee in Congress. It is the chief tax-writing committee and has jurisdiction over tax, trade, healthcare, energy, Medicare, Social Security, welfare and entitlement programs. As the Utah Taxpayers Association has written about lately, the United States is facing an oncoming crisis with Social Security and Medicare taxes, debt, rampant growth in government spending and many other issues. 

Judging by his first-term efforts to find solutions to the oncoming debt crisis in the United States, Congressman Moore will make a difference on the influential Ways and Means Committee as taxpayers face the expiration of virtually all of the tax cuts from the 2017 TCJA in a few short years.