Tuesday, October 29, 2013




Taxpayers Association Endorses Washington County School District Bond while Urging Voters to Reject Jordan School District’s Bond


Draper, Utah – Today the Utah Taxpayers Association endorsed Washington County School District’s $185 million bond. The Association is confident that the District’s tilt up construction method saves tax dollars substantially over masonry construction. Based on other cost factors the tilt up construction used by Washington County School District saves between ten and twenty-five percent over other methods.


“The commitment from the Washington County School District to continue its tradition of lower building costs deserves recognition from taxpayers,” said Association President Howard Stephenson. “The contrast between the Washington School District and the Jordan School District is stark, where the Washington County School Board has considered the increased burden on taxpayers and has shown a willingness to look out for taxpayer interests,” he said.


By contrast, the Taxpayers Association has opposed the Jordan School Board’s $495 million bond proposal because the District has refused to commit to using lower cost construction methods. The Taxpayers Association is urging voters to reject the Jordan bond and send the school board back to the drawing board for a new proposal.


Meanwhile, the Washington County School District has taken steps to lower the construction costs of its school buildings. “Anyone who visits a school in the Washington District will not feel that the buildings are “less than” an optimal learning environment. In fact, in spite of their lower costs, the buildings are visually pleasing,” Stephenson said.

Pictures of some of the tilt up buildings in the Washington County School District can be viewed below: