This year’s election day falls on Tuesday, November 21st, and in several counties, cities and districts, voters will be able to vote not just on their elected officials, but on bond issues, too. We have compiled a list of the 2023 bond proposals, reviewed the information, and adopted a position of support, neutral or oppose on each.

Many of the proposed bonds are “revenue neutral”, meaning a taxpayer will see no change to their tax burden as a result of the bond passing because an old bond will be expiring as the new bond is adopted. In other words, taxpayers will forgo the tax decrease that accompanies an expiring bond, but also not see an increase from current rates by passing the new bond because the savings and costs will offset each other. While this strategy has advantages for taxpayers since the new bond does not create an additional tax burden, it can disguise the fact that entities are asking for new revenue. Taxpayers should be careful to vote for bonds on the merits of their uses rather than their impact on their tax burden.

We encourage voters to attend their public hearings, review our positions, and vote on November 21st.





Public Hearing Date


St. George City


Parks and recreation


October 19th at 6pm

St. George Bond

Sandy City


Fire Station 31


October 3rd at 5:15pm

Sandy Bond

Millard School District


Fillmore Elementary, Millard High, Delta Technical Center capital costs


October 12th at 6pm

Millard Bond

Midvale City


Recreation center application and trails


November 14th

Midvale Bond

Park City




October 5th at 5:30pm

Park City Bond

Weber County


Justice Center


October 10th at 6pm

Weber Bond

Iron County School District


Enrollment growth, programs, facilities, new elementary school, high school expansion


October 16th at 6pm

Iron School Bond

Iron County




October 9th at 7pm

Iron Bond

Cache County School District


All day kindergarten, growth


October 19th at 5:30pm

Cache Bond

Piute County School District


New elementary school


October 24th at 6pm

Piute Bond

Brian Head Town


Core Beautification


October 10th at 1pm

Brian Head Bond