Taxing Times
September 2, 2010

Most Local Governments Around Nation Reduce Workforce, But Not In Utah

Local governments around the country responded to tough economic times by reducing their workforce. Utah cities, counties, school districts and local government entities increased over all workers by 5.2 percent. The only states to increase their local government workforcemore than Utah were South Dakota and Kansas.

– Deseret News: Utah Governments Hire While Others Fire

Utah Receives Second Lowest Federal Spending Per Person

In 2009, the federal government spent the equivalent of $10,548 per person living in the United States. However, total federal spending in Utah, including all federal agency spending and aid to state and local governments, amounted to $7,435 per person. Nevadawas the only state to receive less with $7,148 per person.

– Standard Examiner: Utah Next To Last In Landing Federal Bucks

Property Tax Collections Increase Despite Decline in Home Values

According to a recent Tax Foundation report, from FY 2007 to FY 2008 home values in the US declined while state and local property tax collections increased by over 4 percent.  Utah’s property tax collectionsincreased 5.9 percent, the sixteenth highest increase in the country.

– Tax Foundation Report: Property Tax Revenues Increased As Property Value Fell

Utah’s Friendly Business Climate Brings New Business

California groups are petitioning their state government to improve the business climate. The groups are claiming that other lower-tax states, like Utah, are stealing businesses and jobs from California. Oracle,Ebay, Electronic Arts, Twitter and Adobe are examples of California companies moving to Utah as a result of Utah’s business friendly environment.

Salt Lake Tribune: California Businesses Lured to Utah By Business Friendly Climate