Taxing Times
September 9, 2010

Parents Want Teachers Paid Based On Quality of Teaching

A recent Gallup poll found that 75 percent of public school parents want teacher pay to be “somewhat or closely” tied to student achievement and the quality of student work. Only 28 percent of public school parents supported a standard-scale pay system of teachers.

Gallup Poll: U.S. Parents want Teachers Paid on Quality, Student Outcomes
Utah $28 Million Shortfall, Not Previously Predicted $150 Million

State analysts predicted that going into FY2011 Utah would experience a $50 million shortfall. Recent reports indicate that Utah will only be experiencing a $28 million shortfall. Strong corporate revenue and state agency reductions helped compensate for weakerincome tax payments.

Salt Lake Tribune: Governor Touts Smaller Shortfall
Federal Worker Pay Twice As High As Private Sector

Federal workers have seen more pay and benefit increases than their private sector counterparts over the past nine years. On average, federal salaries have grown 33 percent faster than inflation since 2000. Average federal compensation was $30,415 in 2000, but was $61,998 in 2009.

USA Today: Federal Workers Double Their Private Counterparts

Business Associations Using Taxpayer Resources To Advertise

Ogden City has allowed a local business association to include 24,000 fliers and coupons in August water bills mailed by the city. The fliers and coupons do not increase the cost of the mailed bill, but Ogden should not be showing favoritism to one business over another. Non-members of the business association have not had the same opportunity for free advertising.

Standard Examiner: Taxpayers’ Money Shouldn’t Be Helping Favorite Businesses