Taxing Times
September 23, 2010

Taxpayers Spend Millions Subsidizing Golf Courses
During 2010, Utah Valley cities spent more than $1 million in taxpayer money to subsidizing struggling golf courses. According to Taxpayer Association Vice President Royce Van Tassell, “ Cities, counties and the state have no business running their own golf courses.”

Daily Herald: Local Cities Drop Millions To Subsidize Golf

TAX ALERT: Tell Congress to Repeal the Hidden 1099 Burden on Business
Section 9006 of President Obama’s new healthcare bill requires all businesses to issue 1099 forms to all vendors from whom they annually purchase $600 or more in goods or services. Businesses will be required to file hundreds of 1099 forms to their vendors and process hundreds of 1099 forms from their clients and customers.

Utah Taxpayers Association Tax Alert: Read the full tax alert by clicking here.

Bush Tax Cut Expiration Would Result in $245 Billion Tax Hike On Business
According to the latest Tax Foundation report, allowing the top two federal income tax rates to expire would result in a $245 billion tax increase on business. Nearly 40 percent of the projected revenue from the tax hike would be from businesses.

Tax Foundation: Business Income to Shoulder Over a Third of Tax Increase on Top Earners.

Pay for Performance Programs Also Need to Be Evaluated on Their Performance
Education researcher Matt Ladner of the Goldwater Institute explains that merit pay programs can be an effective mechanism for improving public education. However, all merit pay programs are not created equal. They need to continually be evaluated and improved.

Blog: Merit Based Pay Programs