Taxing Times
September 16, 2010

Express Lanes On The Right Track After One Month

One month after opening, Express Lanes are proving to be successful. UDOT reported to the Utah Legislature that Express Lanes are helping to move more people, decrease travel times and increase average speeds during peak rush hours. Your Taxpayers Association has been leading the charge for  market driven solutions to transportation problems.

Salt Lake Tribune: HOV Lanes Are Faster, Safer — But Some Drivers There Illegally

Should Utah “Go Hollywood” with Movie Production Tax Incentives?

A recent Tax Foundation report indicates that movie production tax incentives are poor tax policy. Forty-four states, including Utah, have movie production incentives that range from tax credits and exemptions to cash rebates. The Tax Foundation concluded that movie production tax incentives are costly and rarely live up to their economic growth promises.

Tax Foundation: Special Report- Movie Production Incentives, Blockbuster Support for Lackluster Polic

Utah’s Entire Washington Delegation Support Keeping Federal Tax Cuts

All of Utah’s US Senators and Representatives oppose the federal tax increases that would result from terminating the 2001 and 2003 federal tax cuts at the end of the year. Representative Jim Matheson, the only Democrat of the delegation, is urging other moderate House Democrats to vote in opposition to tax hikes.

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah Business Leaders Lobby D.C. To Extend Tax Cuts