Taxing Times
October 14, 2010

Forbes Magazine Names Utah “Best State For Business”

In Forbes’ latest issue, Utah is ranked as the “Best State For Business.” Virginia previously held the title, but Utah moved from third best to first because energy costs are 35 percent below the national average, 90 percent of Utah residents hold a high school diploma, and Utah has AAA debt rating from Moody’s, S&P and Fitch.

Forbes Magazine: The Best States For Business

Forbes Magazine: Complete List of Best States For Business

“Waiting For Superman” Movie Screening: Get Your Free Tickets

Directed by Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim, “Waiting For Superman” is a provocative film that challenges the education status quo and exposes why our system has stopped working for so many children. Parents For Choice In Education will be hosting free screenings of the film throughout October. Register for tickets by clicking the following links.

Parents For Choice in Education Free Screening- “Waiting For Superman”

“Waiting For Superman” Official Trailer and Movie Site

News Conference: Taxpayers Association Endorses Constitution Amendment A, Invites Candidates To Do The Same

Your Utah Taxpayers Association hosted a news conference this week endorsing “Amendment A- Save Our Secret Ballot.” The Taxpayers Association also invited all candidates to pledge their support for Amendment A. Amendment A protects Utah’s right to vote by secret ballot in all elections.

Deseret News: Push To Keep Union Votes Secret

Press Release:Utah Taxpayers Association Endorses Amendment A – Save Our Secret Ballot, Invites Candidates to Do Same

Letter to All Candidates: Invitation to Endorse Constitution Amendment A

STOP UTOPIA: Tell Centerville, Orem, Payson City Councils To Reject UTOPIA’s Pleas for More Money

This month, UTOPIA member cities will be considering whether to approve UTOPIA’s requests for $60 million more in taxpayer money at their City Council meetings. Attend your City Council meeting and tell your elected officials that Utah taxpayers are tired of funding this failed municipal telecom venture.

STOP UTOPIA Alert: Tell Your City Council To Protect Taxpayers

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Final Tally: 111th Congress Enacts $352 Billion In Tax Hikes

The 111th Congress has enacted over $352 billion in net tax hikes according to Americans For Tax Reform. Stimulus spending, healthcare reform and taxes to small business will result in seven dollars worth of permanent tax increases for every dollar of permanent tax cuts.

Americans For Tax Reform: Obama and 111th Democrat Congress Enacted $352 Billion in Net Tax Hikes