Taxing Times
February 17, 2011

Utah Taxpayers Association Legislative Watch List

Your Taxpayers Association has released an UPDATED legislative watch list. With over 100 pieces of legislation, the watch list indicates our position on bills and highlights the priorities of your Taxpayers Association. To learn more, attend the Utah Taxpayers Association Legislative Committee meetings every Thursday morning at 7:00am in the Kletting Room of the east building of the State Capitol. For addition updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Utah Taxpayers Association Legislative Watch List

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VICTORY: Open Primary Elections for State Board of Education FAILS on House Floor

Your Taxpayers Association opposes open primary elections for the State Board of Education. Open primary elections decrease the distinctions between candidates, thereby decreasing debate, voter engagement and diversity of opinion. We strongly opposed House Bill 264 (Moss) to allow for open primary elections. On Wednesday, HB264 was rejected by the Utah House of Representatives in a 28 to 45 vote.

Link: Utah House of Representatives House Bill (HB264) Vote Count

Tax Foundation: Taxpayer Bill of Rights Calculator

What would state spending be today if Utah taxpayers were protected under a Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR)? The Tax Foundation’s latest online calculator answers this question. According to the Tax Foundation, under a TABOR, “A state government’s revenue and spending are not allowed to exceed a defined limit, and any revenue in excess of the limit must be refunded to taxpayers.”

Tax Foundation: State Spending Limits Data Tools