Taxing Times
December 9, 2010

Utah Small Business Owners Favor Tax Cut Extension

Many Utah small businesses will face significant tax increases if the Bush era tax cuts are not extended for those earning over $250,000. The Deseret News explains that the low $250,000 threshold helps small businesses since much of their income is “phantom income” that largely goes right back into the business.
Deseret News: Utah Small Business Owners Want Tax Cuts Extended

How Economics Saved Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas, fiscal responsibility and good fun, Art Carden tells the story of “How Economics Saved Christmas.” Using reason and rhyme, the Whos in Whoville teach the Grinch a few lessons about good tax policy.
Forbes: How Economics Saved Christmas

Medicaid Reform: 2011 Legislative Session

Utah’s Medicaid program consumes over twenty-five percent of the budget and is growing at three times the rate of Utah’s economy. Senator Dan Liljenquist will be proposing legislation during the 2011 legislative session to reform the payment and service structure of the program to make Medicaid sustainable.
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah Legislators Seek Relief From Medicaid Squeeze

Taxpayers Association 2011 Pre-Legislative Conference

Your Utah Taxpayers Association will be hosting its annual pre-legislative conference on Thursday, January 20, 2011 from 9:00 AM until noon. Legislators, community leaders and policy experts will be previewing the issues the Utah legislature will face in 2011. Look for more details in the coming weeks.