Thursday’s Taxing Times
August 19, 2010

Utah Receives $3 Billion In Fed Stimulus Money

Utah has received over $3 billion and $1.5 billion in tax cuts from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Reports indicate that Utah stimulus spending has surpassed $1170 per Utah resident. Utah’s acceptance of the stimulus funds has remained controversial.

SL Tribune: Utah Takes In More Than $3 Billion In Federal Stimulus Money

Deseret News Blog: Should Utah Take The Money?

Film Commission Seeks Renewed Tax Incentives

The Utah Film Commission presented a proposal to the Utah State Legislative Tax and Revenue Committee on Wednesday to renew tax incentives for motion pictures. Utah offers a twenty percent cash rebate on dollars spent in the state for film production. Utah also grants sales and use tax exemptions for film equipment.

Deseret News: Utah Film Commission Pitches Movie Production Incentives

Potential Special Session To Apply For Federal Education Money

Governor Gary Herbert is strongly considering applying for $101 million in federal education money. Utah may not have ultimate control over how the money is spent which is causing a controversy among many members of the legislature. In order to apply for the money Governor Herbert will have to call a special legislative session since the legislature must approve federal grants over $10 million.

Deseret News: Herbert To Apply For Federal Education Funding; Special Session Anticipated Wins Social Media Award

The official State of Utah website,, was awarded the “Best Fit Integrator” award by the Center for Digital Government. The award honored Utah for its use of “innovative solutions to suit the need to aggregate social media efforts.” The use of diverse social media outlets has helped reach an average monthly visitor rate of one million in 2010.

MarketWatch: Win National Award for Social Media Efforts

Ten Principles of Privatization

The Reason Foundation and the Heartland Institute have identified ten principles of privatization. Throughout the country local and state governments have saved taxpayer’s money by privatizing airports, electric and telecommunications utilities, prisons, schools, transportation, and many other services. Among the ten principles were cost savings, access to expertise, innovation and improved risk management.

Reason Foundation: Ten Principles of Privatization