Taxpayers are about to be finished paying off a bond.
But, Sandy City wants to raise your taxes and keep you paying.

Sandy City wants to renovate two recreation centers, but they don’t have the full $9 million needed. To make up the difference, Sandy wants to permanently increase your property taxes by $500,000 per year.

Step by step, here’s their underhanded way of doing it.

Step 1: Sandy is about to pay off the bonds used to finance the construction of the new Sandy City Hall.

Step 2: But, Sandy is raising property taxes. They want use the end of the bond as an excuse to raise taxes permanently.

Step 3: Instead of asking taxpayers for another bond (i.e. one time money), Sandy will use that on-going (no end in sight) property tax increase to pay for their one-time rec renovation project.

A bond is about to be paid off.
That is no excuse for a tax hike.

If voters think renovating rec centers is worth higher taxes, they’ll vote for the bonds. By just hiking taxes, without voter input, Sandy wants to make the tax increase permanent.

Sandy should ask the voters to approve a new set of bonds.

Sandy taxpayers must stand up and demand accountability from their elected officials. Tell them to reject this tax increase!

Click HERE to contact the Sandy City Council

Contact the Utah Taxpayers Association for more information (801) 972-8814.