UTOPIA wants $60 million more in Utah taxpayer money to keep afloat.

Attend your City Council meeting to tell your elected leaders to protect taxpayers and oppose UTOPIA’s latest round of bonding.

With over $500 million in bonds, negative net assets of $126 million and plans to lose another $20 million in operating expenses this year, it is time for UTOPIA to finally stop digging.

UTOPIA, the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency, is an eight year-old venture by eleven Utah cities to build and operate a fiber-optic telecom network in their communities. The venture has been a dismal failure, riddled with mismanagement and almost no progress to show for hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

It is time to STOP UTOPIA.

Visit www.stoputopia.org.

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This month, UTOPIA member cities will be considering whether to approve UTOPIA’s requests for $60 million more in taxpayer money at their City Council meetings. Attend your City Council meeting and help send the message that Utah taxpayers are tired of funding this failed municipal telecom venture.