By Cristina Flores
(KUTV) Taxes may be on the rise around Utah.

The Utah Taxpayers Association is tracking nearly 50 proposed tax increases across Utah.  “This year, taxpayers need to be very vigilant,” said Royce Van Tassell, with the Utah Taxpayers Association.

Van Tassell said many cities and taxing entities put off increases while the economy was down, but now they are seeking to make up for that time.  “Elected officials, city councils, mayors need to be very careful about what their residents can afford to pay in taxes.  It is always a balancing act between the services people want and what they can afford,” he said.

He suggested taxpayers become informed by attending truth-in-taxation hearings in their communities.  If you disagree with the value your local government has placed on your home, get comparable information from a local real estate agent.  Often, they will provide you the information for no cost.

If you want to see how the Utah Taxpayers Association is tracking the proposed tax increases, go to

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