The Utah Taxpayers Association just released its annual report, the “2021 Cost of County Government.” The report, based on 2019/2020 data, shows the relationship between county government revenue and citizen income in Utah’s 29 counties.

On average, Utah county governments take $39.11 of each $1,000 earned by residents in the county.

Another metric provided in the report is the amount of taxes and fees paid by each county resident. Using this calculation, Utah cities collect an average of $1,025 in taxes and fees per resident.

Daggett ($2,610), Kane ($2,111), and Garfield ($2,105) top the report when examining taxes and fees collected per capita.

Washington ($347), Cache ($409), and Sanpete ($460) score best on the report when ranked by the per capita metric.

When examining this report, it is important to note that not all counties provide the same services or the same service levels.

The report uses the most recent data available from the United States Census Bureau, Utah State Tax Commission, and the Utah State Auditor’s Office.