October 18, 2010

CEDAR HILLS — Watchdogs are criticizing the city of Cedar Hills over how much taxpayer money is going to keep the city-owned golf course operating.

Taxpayer subsidies for the golf course have long been a source of controversy in that community. Now city manager Konrad Hildebrandt tells the Daily Herald at the end of the fiscal year, the golf course will be in the red only by $6,490.

The paper goes on to say that’s only true if the taxpayer’s bill of $1,836,000 isn’t counted. It says that amount is three times larger than the money the course takes in greens fees. The papers says the city refers to the taxpayer loans as income rather than expense.

The Utah Taxpayers Association accuses Cedar Hills of hiding the subsidy. It says cities should not be in the golf business. Cities argue that spending millions on golf is no different than spending money on parks or recreation. Some companies trying to make a profit on golf have said they feel cities’ subsidies undercut their business.