September 9, 2009
Jeff Robinson

An influential conservative group is supporting Proposition One, Salt Lake City’s $125 million bond proposal for a new public safety complex.  The Utah Taxpayers Association, which often resists any attempt to raise taxes, says voters should say “yes” on Prop One this November.  President Howard Stephenson made the announcement outside the current police building this morning.

“The Utah Taxpayers Association proudly endorses this bond election because it is something that is needed for the safety of the community of Utah’s capital city,” he said.  “This building is not safe in an earthquake.”

Stephenson described the current building as an embarrassment after touring the facility.  He also praised Salt Lake City for slashing the cost of the project by $67 million from the 2007 bond election, which failed.

And the cost could go down further if the state government decides to locate its own emergency operations at the new complex, and lend millions of dollars to the project.  Stephenson, who is also a Republican state senator, says he’ll urge his colleagues in the legislature to support that idea.

“I will personally, and the Taxpayers Association as an organization, will be urging the Legislature to take this opportunity to make that joint effort with our capital city in joining forces with these facilities.  It just makes perfect sense,” he said.

If the bond passes, Salt Lake City plans to build the new public safety building and emergency operations center on the block east of Library Square.