Demand Transparency from the Salt Lake County Council!

Oppose the Salt Lake County fee increase at the Unified Police District public hearing.  The Salt Lake County Council is trying to skirt Utah’s Truth-In-Taxation system. Oppose the Salt Lake County fee increase by attending the Unified Police District public hearing tomorrow night.

Unifed Police District Public Hearing
January 6, 2010
Sheriff’s Administration Building
3565 South 900 West
South Salt Lake, Utah

Property tax increases focus taxpayer angst. And that is why local elected officials go through so many machinations to avoid raising property taxes. The Salt Lake County Council is trying to cloak a property tax hike as a fee increase. They want the Unified Police District (UPD) to impose a new public safety fee on property owners in unincorporated Salt Lake County, instead of going through the transparency of the Truth in Taxation process. Salt Lake’s County Council is looking for a way to make this tax increase more palatable to voters, so they are manipulating the structure to minimize costs to homeowners, and drive up costs on businesses.

Instead of trying to stick it to business Salt Lake County should be transparent, and propose a property tax increase to cover their spending gap.

A proposed property tax increase would force the County Council to hear whether the community wants additional spending, or if there is room for additional spending cuts.

Contact the Salt Lake County Council and demand transparency!
Randy Horiuchi (801) 468-2936
Jenny Wilson (801) 468-2934
Jim Bradley (801) 468-2939
Joe Hatch (801) 468-2933
Michael Jensen (801) 468-2932
David Wilde (801) 468-2931
Jani Iwamoto (801) 468-2937
Jeff Allen (801) 468-2935
Max Burdick (801) 468-2938

If you have any questions or comments, contact the Utah Taxpayers Association at (801) 972-8814.