October 20, 2009

The Utah Taxpayers Association issued a letter on Monday stating that Lehi city did not provide proper notification to residents when it transferred $4.25 million from its electric utility fund to a number of other funds, including the General Fund. The transfer happened when the city amended the 2008-2009 budget.

The letter, provided to the Daily Herald by Lehi City Council candidate Gordon Miner, states that the association has become aware of questions regarding the way cities transfer funds from enterprise funds, like utility funds, to other parts of the budget. Miner first raised this question three years ago.

The letter states that the state Auditors Office trains city leaders to comply with notice requirements in state law regarding any amendments to tentative budgets. It states that the state Legislature’s intent in the law is to require full disclosure and notification in all amendments to a tentative budget. “To the extent that there is any ambiguity about how much notification Utah law requires, the Legislature should consider appropriate legislation,” the letter states.

Click HERE to read the full Utah Taxpayers Assocation letter.