Did you know there are more than 10 different types of sales tax? Or that 58% of property tax revenue collected in 2019 went to public education? Do you know how much the state collected in individual income taxes in FY 2020?

Each year, your Utah Taxpayers Association examines major taxes and fees levied by the state of Utah and compiles helpful information into the Fast Tax booklet. This reference summarizes major Utah state and local taxes and is updated to include estimated revenues. These taxes comprise all major non-federal state revenue sources such as income, sales and fuel taxes, and most major local revenue sources, including property, general sales, and specific sales taxes.

This quick reference booklet examines 28 different taxes and fees to provide readers with details of the purpose of a tax or fee, along with how the money is collected, and what agency collects the revenue.

In addition, the Fast Tax booklet provides revenue distribution, the yields from each tax and fee over several years, and any credits or exemptions that may be applicable. The Fast Tax booklet does not examine municipal utility rates, such as water or sewer, nor does it cover license fees.

We’d like to thank Holland and Hart for their sponsorship of the Fast Tax booklet. The Utah Taxpayers Association would also like to thank the staff of the Utah Tax Commission, Driver License Division, Division of Public Utilities, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Department of Workforce Services for their cooperation in providing information contained in this reference.

The Fast Tax reference booklet is available on the Association’s website, or for a hard copy, email taxwatch@alowhuta.wpengine.com.