January 2018 Newsletter
– Herbert’s Proposed FY 2019 Budget Echoes Sound Tenets of Tax Policy
– My Corner: Legislative Outlook Conference to Preview State Legislature’s Efforts of Tax Reform, and What Federal Reform Means for Utah
– Utah’s State and Local Government Tax and Fee Burden Falls Below the National Median
– Association Accomplishments in December

February 2018 Newsletter
– Utah’s Teacher Pay Ranks Middle of the Pack Nationwide, is Second Highest in Region
– My Corner: Federal Tax Reform Paves the Way for Meaningful, Beneficial State Tax Reform
– Controversial Tax Hikes are the Talk of the First Weeks of the 2018 Legislative Session
– Google Fiber Fallout Should be a Warning to Cities Looking at Municipal-owned Fiber Systems
– Association Accomplishments in January

March 2018 Newsletter
– Utah Ranks 3rd Highest in the Nation for Its Education System, and Best for Fiscal Stability
– My Corner: Truth-in-Bonding Legislation is a Win for All Taxpayers, Preventing Unapproved Debt
– Will the Utah Legislature Raise Your Taxes in 2018?
– Report: Utah Sales Taxes Rank 29th Nationally, and 4th Among Neighboring States
– Your Association Accomplishments in February

April 2018 Newsletter
– Tax Hikes, Tax Cuts, and Everything in Between at the 2018 Legislative Session
– My Corner: My Decision to not Run for Re-election to the Utah Senate
– Online Sales Tax Debate to be Heard at the Supreme Court
– 2018 Legislative Scorecard Released, Shows a More Taxpayer Friendly Session than 2017
– Save the Date: Utah Taxes Now Conference Held on May 22, 2018!
– Your Association Accomplishments in March

May 2018 Newsletter
– Salt Lake County Tax Hike Proposal Ignores Taxpayers’ Voice
– My Corner: The High Cost of Education Mediocrity
– May Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Agenda
– Americans Pay $5.2 Trillion in Taxes, Utah Fares Better than 35 Other States
– 40th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference to Focus on Impacts and Needed Changes to State and Federal Tax Reform
– Utah Ranks Best for Economic Outlook, According to Rich States Poor States
– Your Association Accomplishments in April

June 2018 Newsletter
– Potential Summer Special Session to Focus on Adjusting toFederal Tax Reform
– My Corner: 26 Years of Six Taxpayer Hereos
– New Report Shows that 29 of Utah’s Top 50 Cities Have an Employee that Makes a Higher Salary than the Governor
– Federal Tax Reform and Options for State Adjustments the Focus for 40th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference
– Association Releases Annual Guide to State and Local Taxes.
– Your Association Accomplishments in May

July 2018 Newsletter
– Legislative Committee Supports NOL Changes, Discusses Corporate Income Tax
– My Corner: Why So Many Elected Officials Oppose Transparency and Equity
– Court Dismisses Counties’ Case Against Centrally-Assessed Taxpayers
– Supreme Court Gives Local Retailers Victory, Benefitting Utah Businesses and Families
– Average Utah Residents Pays $611 to City Government
– Property Tax Valuation Protected
– Your Association Accomplishments in June

August 2018 Newsletter
– July Special Session Ensures Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption, Collection of Remote Sales Taxes
– My Corner: The Legislature Must Keep its Promise to Cut Taxes in Proportion to Remote Sales Tax Revenues
– How to Appeal the County’s Valuation of Your Property
– Utah’s Sales Taxes on Soda, Candy, and Groceries are Complicated
– Your Association Accomplishments in July

September 2018 Newsletter
– Redevelopment Agencies Take $171 Million from Local Governments, 53% of that from School Districts
– My Corner: Citizens have a Right to Transparent Government
– Revenue and Taxation Committee Discusses Future Tax Cuts
– Guest Commentary: A Vote for Proposition 3 – Medicaid Expansion – Will Bring Unexpected Costs to Utahns
– Per Pupil Spending Disparity Continues to Grow, According to Utah Taxpayers Association’s School Spending Report
– Your Association Accomplishments in August

October 2018 Newsletter
– New Annual Report Discloses Per Student Charter School Funding
– My Corner: First Annual Report on Utah’s Charter Schools
– Commissioner Pero Set to Retire from the Utah State Tax Commission
– November Ballot Will Ask Multiple Tax Questions – Your Taxpayers Association’s Position on Ballot Issues
– Utah Scores in Top-10 Ranking in the Latest Business Climate Report from Tax Foundation
– Your Association Accomplishments in September

November 2018 Newsletter
– Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Discusses Family Impact of Federal Tax Reform
– My Corner: The Power to Tax Involves the Power to Destroy: Utah State Tax Commission
– Recent Report Proposes Improvements to Tax Commission in Collection of Delinquent Income Taxes
– Utah Taxpayers Association Announces Selection of New Vice President
– The Utah Senate Confirms New Tax Commissioner Lawrence Walters, Started His Term November 1, 2018
– Your Association Accomplishments in October

December 2018 Newsletter
-November Ballot Packed with Tax Issues, Yields Mixed Results
– My Corner: Governor and Legislature Prove Once Again Why Utah is the Best Manager State
– Utah Legislature To Be Filled with New Members, New Makeups of Revenue and Taxation Committees in 2019
– Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Sends Message that Taxes Ought to be Cut in 2019
– Utah Taxpayers Association Elects New Board of Directors, Officers for 2019
– Your Association Accomplishments in November