Our 2020 Legislative Outlook Conference has concluded and was a huge success! Thank you to all the presenters, sponsors, and attendees for their contribution.

While this year’s conference is over, you can still review all the materials from the conference, and even hear the presentations!


Welcome to the 2020 Legislative Outlook Conference – Chair Jennifer Somers: AUDIO

Governor’s Priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session – Governor Gary Herbert: AUDIO

Perspective from the Utah Senate – President Stuart Adams: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

Perspective from the Utah House of Representatives – Speaker Brad Wilson: AUDIO

Maintaining Utah’s Competitive Edge in Tax Policy – Senator Lincoln Fillmore: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

What Happens Next? Addressing Compliance and Enforcement of Tax Modernization Legislation – Tax Commissioner Rebecca Rockwell: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

Fixing What the Federal Government Broke: Decoupling from GILTI – Steve Young, Holland and Hart: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

When, Not If: Are Trends Showing Utah and the Country Heading Towards Recession? – Representative Robert Spendlove, Zions Bank: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

Finding Utah’s Funding Source as Gas Tax Revenue Flattens: The New Motor Fuel Sales Tax and Planning for the Road Usage Charge – Carlos Braceras, UDOT: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

Funding Water in the Desert: Should Users Pay? – Representative Joel Briscoe: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

Promoting Utah’s Truth-in-Taxation Law Nationally While Protecting it at Home – Senator Deidre Henderson: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

Eliminating Tax Pyramiding for Utah’s Forgotten Industries – Oil and Gas and Electrical Generation – Howard Stephenson, Utah Taxpayers Association: AUDIO

Doing Business in North America: A Deep-Dive of Cities’ Economic Competitiveness – Stephen Slivinski, Arizona State University: AUDIO/PRESENTATION

 Thank you to our sponsors!