2018 Utah Taxes Now Conference

Hosted by: Utah Taxpayers Association,
with sponsorships from WCF Insurance, and Chevron
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Grand America Hotel

8:00 Welcome
Morris Jackson, Chairman, Utah Taxpayers Association

8:05 Report from the Utah House of Representatives
House Majority Leader Brad Wilson Audio

8:15 Protecting Taxpayers After They’ve Won a Property Tax Appeal (HB 307)
Representative Tim Hawkes Audio

8:30 What Are Taxpayers Getting From Utah’s $16.8 Billion Budget?
Representative Brad Last Presentation and Audio

8:45 How Will State and Federal Tax Reforms Impact Utah’s Economy?
Robert Spendlove, Chief Economist, Zions Bank Presentation and Audio

9:25 Removing Tax Barriers on Small Businesses by Changing how Utah Taxes Business Personal Property (HB 375)
Representative Dan McCay Audio

9:35 Preparing for the Future: Changing how Utah Funds Transit and Transportation (SB 136)
Andrew Gruber, Executive Director, Wasatch Front Regional Council Audio

9:45 Is it a Fee or a Tax? Limiting the Transportation Utility Fee (SB 120)
Representative Karianne Lisonbee Audio

10:00 Break – Sponsored by Autoliv

10:15 How Will the State Tax Commission React to State and Federal Tax Reform? (SB 244)
Utah State Tax Commission Chair John Valentine Presentation and Audio

10:35 Should Utah and Other States Incorporate All Provisions of Federal Tax Reform?
Steve Young, Partner, Holland and Hart, LLP Audio

10:50 Utah 2.0 Success: Major State Tax Reforms in 2018 (HB 293, SB 233, SB 103)
Senator Ann Millner Presentation and Audio
Senator Howard Stephenson Audio

11:20 User Fees for Utah’s Roads (SB 71)
President Wayne Niederhauser Audio

11:35 Truth-in-Bonding: Protecting the Voters’ Voice in Bond Elections (SB 122)
Utah State Treasurer David Damschen Presentation and Audio

11:50 More than Two Decades of Service in the Utah Senate
Senator Howard Stephenson Audio

12:00 p.m. Luncheon
The Impact Federal Tax Reform Will Have on Utah

Joseph Henchman, Executive Vice President, Tax Foundation
Jared Walczak, Senior Policy Analyst