January 2017 Newsletter
– Economic Viability, Transparency Key Issues as 2017 Session Set to Begin
– My Corner: The Dangers of Increasing Utah’s Income Taxes
– Guest Commentary: The Cost of Yesterday’s Pension Promises to Public Education
– Herbert’s Latest Budget Proposal Includes Review of Tax System
– 2017 Legislative Outlook Conference Previews Proposed Tax Increase
– Your Association Accomplishments in December

February 2017 Newsletter
– Cities Escaping Truth-in-Taxation Process through Excess Utility Fees
– My Corner: Increasing the Income Tax is Risky Business, Other Options Should be Considered
– Transparency for Taxpayers Among Key Issues Association Working Towards During 2017 Session
– Utah’s Tax and Fee Burden Decreases, Taxes Remain Below the National Average
– 2017 Legislative Outlook Conference Previews Top Issues from Key Policymakers
– Your Association Accomplishments for January

March 2017 Newsletter
– Efforts Towards Major Tax Reforms in Utah Stalls, Work to Continue Throughout the Year
– My Corner: Appropriate Bonding Respects Taxpayers
– Guest Commentary: More Bonding Transparency
– Late Tax-Related Legislation Drafted, Other Bills Progress During 2017 Session
– Transparency-in-Taxation Bills Move Forward During the 2017 Legislative Session
– Utah Taxpayers Association Policy Brief: 911 Fees
– Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in February

April 2017 Newsletter
– If Congress Acts, What Will Federal Tax Reform Look Like?
– My Corner: Employed by Utah’s Tax Watchdog for 40 Years
– 2017 General Session: A Mixed Bag with Tax Increases, Progress on Utah 2.0, and Taxpayer Transparency
– 2017 Legislative Scorecard Released, 34 of 104 Earned “Friend of the Taxpayer” Award
– Utah’s Income Tax Rate Ranks Second Highest Among Neighboring States
– Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in March

May 2017 Newsletter
– Utah’s Capital City Looks at Creating Fee for Transportation
– My Corner: State and Federal Tax Reforms Will Boost Prosperity – Don’t Miss Utah Taxes Now Conference
– Complying with Taxes Cost $263 Billion, Says Report
– Guest Commentary: Tax Reform is Key to Utah’s Future Success
– Trump Team Releases Sneak Peak of Tax Reform Package
– Op-Ed: Transparency Efforts During the 2017 Legislative Session Bring More Light to Government
– Utah Top State for in Economic Climate National Ranking for 10 Straight Years
– Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in April

June 2017 Newsletter
– Academic Study Says Municipal-Owned Fiber Networks, like UTOPIA, are Risky Business for Taxpayers
– My Corner: The High Cost of Educational Mediocrity
– May Interim Meetings Restart Tax Reform Discussion
– Attendees Get the Insider’s Look at State and Federal Tax Reform Efforts
– Association Nets Major Victory for Taxpayers Information Protection
– Taxpayers Association Releases Annual Fast Tax Booklet
– Your Association Accomplishments in May

July 2017 Newsletter
– New Audit Finds Special Districts Repeatedly Violate State Laws, Urges Legislative Action
– My Corner: Counties Declare War Against Business Property Taxpayers
– Enterprise Fund Transfers: A Taxpayers Association Policy Brief
– Truth-in-Taxation Hearings
– Corporate Income Tax Reform Tops June Legislative Meetings
– Your Association Accomplishments in June

August 2017 Newsletter
– Property Value too High? Appeal the County’s Valuation
– My Corner: On the Brink of Tax Increases for Education, School Boards Need to Look at Alternatives
– 2017 Truth in Taxation Hearings
– Guest Op-Ed: All Taxpayers Should Be Treated Equal
– $578 of Average Utahns’ Income Goes to City Government
– Sen. Orrin Hatch Should Support Trump Tax Cuts
– Association Accomplishments in July

September 2017 Newsletter
– User Fees, Not General Sales Taxes, Should Fund State Highways
– My Corner: Working Across Factional Lines to Get the People’s Work Done
– Op-Ed: Stop Investing Taxpayer Dollars on a Failed Project
– Five School Districts Seeking Voter-Approved Bonds This Fall
– Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Discusses Eliminating Manufacturing Sales Tax Penalty, Reducing Corporate Income Taxes
– Difference Between Highest and Lowest per Pupil Spending is Greater than $13,000, New Report Shows
– Association Accomplishments in August

October 2017 Newsletter
– Legislative Committee Works Towards Tax Reform Package
– My Corner: Utah’s School Districts Should Focus on Best Value Construction, Costing Taxpayers Less
– Guest Commentary: Moving Forward on U.S. Tax Reform
– Tax Review Commission Examining Utah’s Three-Legged Tax Stool
– Lawmakers Considering Elimination of Sales Tax on Food
– Association Accomplishments in September

November 2017 Newsletter
– House GOP Unveils Federal Tax Reform Plan
– My Corner: The Risk of Thinking Utah is “Doing Well Enough” Undermines the Need for Tax Reform
– Taxpayer-Funded UTOPIA Approves Additional Funding
– Guest Commentary: Redesigning Utah’s Higher Education to Meet Workforce Needs
– Utah Remains in Top Ten for Tax-Friendly Business Climate
– Association Accomplishments in October

December 2017 Newsletter
– Momentum Gains on Tax Reform at the Federal and State Levels
– My Corner: Pro Soccer Stadium Deal Undermines Counties “Taxpayer Watchdog” Claims
– Guest Commentary: The Case for Utah’s Tax Reform
– Protecting Utah’s Economic and Business Competitive Edge for the Next Decade
– Utah Taxpayers Association Elects New Board of Directors Chairman, Other Changes to the Executive Committee
– Taxpayers Cough Up $926 Annually to County Government
– Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in November