Each year, the Utah Taxpayers Association ranks each legislator based on the votes they cast on key, tax-related bills during the annual legislative session.

The Utah Taxpayers Association annually releases a legislative scorecard ranking Utah’s legislators by their votes on the most important tax-related bills considered during the most recent legislative session. Out of 59 bills the Utah Taxpayers Association tracked during the 2017 Legislature, 13 of the most important tax-related bills were used in rating Utah’s 104 legislators.

In the House, the average score is 81.2%. The average Senate score was 80.9%, which is a lower average from 2016.

Of the total votes cast in the Senate, 82% were in accordance to the Taxpayers Association’s positions. In the House, that number is 80.7%.

Additionally, we thank all legislators, particularly those who scored 90% or better, which we congratulate with our Friend of the Taxpayer award.

House Friend of the Taxpayer:
Rep. Brad Daw (100%), Rep. Keith Grover (100%), Rep. Mike Kennedy (100%), Rep. Karianne Lisonbee (100%), Rep. Cory Maloy (100%), Rep. Marc Roberts (100%), Rep. Norm Thurston (100%), Rep. Gage Froerer (100%), Rep. Dan McCay (100%), Rep. Paul Ray (100%), Rep. Kim Coleman (100%), Rep. John Knotwell (100%), Rep. Jim Dunnigan (100%), Rep. Brian Greene (100%), Rep. Kay Christofferson (92%), Rep. Steve Eliason (92%), Rep. Justin Fawson (92%), Rep. Adam Gardiner (92%), Rep. Steve Handy (92%), Rep. Mike McKell (92%), Rep. Jeff Moss (92%), Rep. Val Peterson (92%), Rep. Dixon Pitcher (92%), Rep. Susan Pulsipher (92%), Rep. Tim Quinn (92%), Rep. Curt Webb (92%), Rep. Tim Hawkes (91%), Rep. Ken Ivory (91%), Rep. Doug Sagers (91%), Rep. Scott Sandall (91%).

Senate Friend of the Taxpayer:
Sen. Howard Stephenson (92%), Sen. Stuart Adams (90%), Sen. Wayne Harper (90%), Sen. Deidre Henderson (90%).

Take a look to see how your legislator scored!