2014 Utah Taxes Now Conference Agenda

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View from the Senate and House

Bringing technology into the classroom (HB 131– One-to-one devices)

Making Utah a tourist and convention destination (HB 356-Convention center hotel, HB 34– Tourism account)

  • Representative Brad Wilson
  • Jeremy Keele, Salt Lake County
  • Royce Van Tassell

Making sure State Tax Commissioners are well qualified (SB 19-Increases qualifications for Tax Commissioners, SJR 7– Removes partisan requirement for Tax Commissioners)

Improving Utah’s property tax system (SB 111-$100M tax increase, SB 61– County TnT hearings, HB 273-Residential exemption, SB 134/SB 136-Referendum ballot requirements, HB 379-Ballot requirements)

Governor Gary Herbert 

Stimulating business investment in Utah (SB 119/SB65/HB 209 Manufacturing, mining, & steel mill sales tax exemption, HB 140– Tax credit for employing homeless)

How can Utah cities get out of the morass of municipal telecom? (HB 60-Requires UTOPIA to respect boundaries, SB190-Prohibit telecom utility fees)

What should we do with Utah’s Medicaid “donut hole”?

How should Utah pay for statewide transportation, and what role should air quality play in discussions? (HB 388-Local option tax for transit, SB 60-Revise gas tax, HB 74-Tax credit for energy efficient vehicle, HB 55-Tax credit for transit pass)

Paying for new schools in the most cost-effective way (HB 170-Local school board reporting, HB 111-School building cost reporting, SB 218-Charter schools in growth areas, HB 116-School construction standards)

  • Chuck Newton, South Jordan City Council member
  • Chris Bleak, Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, President
  • Senator Aaron Osmond

Utah high-tech startups: Growing global—staying local


Teed Off on Taxes Golf Tournament June 3, 2014 at the Eaglewood Golf Course, North Salt Lake. To register contact Laura at Laura@alowhuta.wpengine.com