URGENT: Tell Your Representative to Vote NO
on a $75 million property tax increase!

3rd Sub SB 97 – Property Tax Equalization Amendments

Chief Sponsor: Senator Aaron Osmond

3rd Sub SB 97 is a $75 million statewide property tax increase for education equalization. 3rd Sub SB 97 passed the Senate and is now up for final passage from the House. We must stop this tax increase!
Contact your Representative to VOTE NO on 3rd Sub SB 97!
Taxpayers can’t afford any more taxes!

Here is why 3rd Sub SB 97 is bad for Utah taxpayers:

    • There is no reason for a property tax increase when the state currently has a $700 million budget surplus and education is receiving the majority of those funds.
    • A $75 million statewide property tax increase burdens Utah families and businesses and slows economic growth by taking more money away from consumers and businesses that could be invested in the economy.
    • A $75 million tax increase in not necessary to equalize school district funding.Funding can be equalized through other means such as appropriating growth in the education fund toward equalization.

Tell Your Representative to VOTE NO on 3rd Sub SB 97

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