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How Utah Compares Report Reveals Surprising Result

Our 2023 How Utah Compares report, published in September, challenges the narrative that Utah’s tax burden is extraordinarily low by comparing the percentage of personal income devoted to various taxes and fees to that of each of the 50 states and the nation as a whole. Although Utah boasts high rankings in reports on economic […]

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Sales Taxes, Just Like Ogres, “Are Like Onions”

While sales tax is a tax we pay the most often as we go about our daily lives, it is often the least understood tax. Rarely will a receipt have all the information about the various parts of the sales tax that is being paid, and even more rarely do people take the time to […]

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Is Your City Raising Taxes This Year?

Over the next six weeks, around 78 taxing entities throughout Utah will hold public Truth in Taxation hearings to justify their proposed budget increases. This gold-standard property tax law, pioneered in Utah and replicated across the nation, facilitates transparency and provides an effective check on government spending. Unlike in many other states, taxing entities  in […]

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Increase in Property Tax Values and Federal Funding Drastically Change Public Education Expenditures in FY 2021

According to a new Association report, rising property values have impacted tax rates across the state. The annual School Spending Report, released in February, examines spending, revenues, and tax rates from all 41 school districts and combined charter school expenditures during the Fiscal Year 2021.  In its findings, the Association found that school district’s overall […]

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Utah’s Tax and Fee Burden Continues to Climb

Utah’s state and local government tax and burden ranked higher than the nation’s during Fiscal Year (FY) 2019, according to the Utah Taxpayers Association’s annual calculations in the How Utah Compares report. Tax burden is expressed as the percentage of total personal income (FY 2019) consumed by state and local taxes (FY 2019). Data is […]

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New Association Report Finds that on Average, Utahns Pay $668 in Taxes and Fees to City Government

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