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Utah Per Pupil Spending Cracks $10,000 Annually, According to New Association Report

According to your Taxpayers Association’s School Spending Report, Utah spends an average of $10,259 per student annually. The annual School Spending Report looks at spending from all 41 school districts and combined charter school expenditures.  The report finds that Utah’s district schools spent $10,236 per student, with 14 school districts spending less than the statewide […]

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Annual Report Finds Utahns Spend $643 Per Person on City Government on Average

As part of our annual revenue of proposed tax increases, the Utah Taxpayers Association also compiles a report that calculates the amount of money paid per capita to city government by Utahns in the state’s 50 largest cities by population. The 2020 Cost of City Government report, based on FY 2019 data, shows the relationship […]

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Utah Taxpayers Association Releases Report Featuring Spending of Utah’s 112 Charter Schools

With 31% of all state funds in Utah’s budget going towards public education, each year your Taxpayers Association scrutinizes all of Utah’s school districts to determine per pupil expenditures. However, not all of that amount goes towards district schools. More than 75,000 students, about 11% of the total student population, attend public charter schools. Your […]

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Utah’s State and Local Government Tax Burden Falls Below National Median

Utah’s state and local government tax and burden ranked 30th highest in the U.S. and below the national average during Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, according to the Utah Taxpayers Association’s annual calculations in the How Utah Compares report. Tax burden is expressed as the percentage of total personal income (FY 2019) consumed by state and […]

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County Government Costs Utahns $980 a Year, On Average

In the Utah Taxpayers Association’s 2019 Cost of County Governments report, Daggett County ranks highest for cost of government, where residents pay on average $82.65 of each $1000 they earn. The lowest ranked county is Washington County, where residents only pay $11.77 of each $1000 earned to the county government. The median cost of county […]

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