Now that a few days have passed since the June 28th Utah Republican and Democrat primary elections, subsequent rounds of vote counting have been completed and results in tight races are starting to firm up. Overall, it was a very good election night for incumbents. Even with the high levels of intensity of local and national politics, very few incumbents lost their races.

The race that is on a razor’s edge is down in St. George in House District 72- with the current difference in votes as 7 out of 8,121 votes. Regardless of how the remaining close races that are “too close to call”  end up, due to retirements in many districts, there will be many new faces in the Utah Legislature when the 2023 general session begins in January.

Here are the tentative results :

Utah State Senate


Utah Senate District 5 (Republican Primary)

Ann Millner 57.52% (Incumbent)

Doug Durbano 42.48%


Utah Senate District 6 (Republican Primary)

Jerry Stevenson 61.35% (Incumbent)

Betty Young 38.65%


Utah Senate District 9 (Democratic Primary) *Too Close To Call- 63 vote difference

Jen Plumb 50.38% (New Member)

Derek Kitchen 49.62% (Incumbent)


Utah Senate District 13 (Democratic Primary)

Nate Blouin 75.84% (New Member)

Gene Davis 24.16% (Incumbent)


Utah Senate District 14 (Democratic Primary)

Stephanie Pitcher 79.87% (New Member)(Former House Member)

Deondra Brown 20.13%


Utah Senate District 23 (Republican Primary) 

Keith Grover 69.51% (Incumbent)

Brandon Beckham 30.49%


Utah Senate District 28 (Republican Primary)

Evan Vickers 70.15% (Incumbent)

Patrick Larson 29.85%


Utah House of Representatives


Utah House District 2 (Republican Primary)

Mike Petersen 54.12% (Incumbent)

Val Potter 45.88%


Utah House District 4 (Republican Primary) 

Kera Birkeland 60.97% (Incumbent)

Raelene Blocker 39.03%


Utah House District 8 (Republican Primary) 

Jason Klye 61.47% (New Member)

Kimberly Cozzens 37.49%


Utah House District 10 (Republican Primary) 

Jill Koford 57.34% (New Member)

Lorraine Brown 42.66%


Utah House District 11 (Republican Primary) 

Katy Hall 61.82% (New Member)

Kelly Miles 38.18% (Incumbent)


Utah House District 18 (Republican Primary) 

Paul Cutler 60.29% (New Member)

Alena Ericksen 39.71%


Utah House District 19 (Republican Primary)

Ray Ward 59.39% (Incumbent)

Lyle Mason 40.61%


Utah House District 20 (Republican Primary) 

Melissa Garff Ballard 65.10% (Incumbent)

Ron Mortensen 34.90%


Utah House District 29 (Republican Primary) 

Bridger Bolinder 60.53% (New Member)

Mark Huntsman 39.47%


Utah House District 41 (Republican Primary)

Wayne Sandberg 57.70% (New Member)

Steve Aste 42.30%


Utah House District 45 (Republican Primary) 

Susan Pulsipher 63.38% (Incumbent)

Rich Cunningham 36.62%


Utah House District 46 (Republican Primary) 

Jeff Stenquist 53.13% (Incumbent)

Carolyn Phippen 46.87%


Utah House District 67 (Republican Primary) 

Christine Watkins 53.20% (Incumbent)

Tom Hansen 46.80%


Utah House District 72 (Republican Primary) * Too Close To Call- 7 vote difference

Joseph Elison 50.04% (New Member)

Willie Billings 49.96%


Utah House District 73 (Republican Primary)

Colin Jack 63.35% (New Member)

Nina Barnes 36.65%


Utah House District 74 (Republican Primary)

Neil Walter 63.38% (New Member)

Kristy Pike 36.62%