Utah Taxpayers Association Government Owned Network Pledge

Government should not be in the business of business

I,_____________, pledge to the voters of Utah that I will oppose and vote against efforts to fund, through taxpayer borrowing or spending, government-owned or subsidized broadband networks in areas and locations that already have access to high-speed internet.

For over two decades, mostly out of sight from taxpayers, local governments have marched down the disastrous road of borrowing and spending taxpayer dollars to launch government owned broadband networks.

Despite often disastrous results, elected officials continue to burden future office holders with long term consequences that will only come to fruition long after current officeholders are gone. The countless examples of massive losses for taxpayers are ignored to reap short term popularity and re-election.

It is time to change the paradigm in Utah before it is too late.

Elected officials have already signed

If you are an elected official or candidate and would like to sign the pledge, please contact us using the button below.

Rather than continuing to only speak out against these efforts as they appear, the Utah Taxpayers Association invites you to proactively look forward and pledge in public to vote against any effort of this kind. This will help ensure that future generations of elected officials and taxpayers are not left to clean up the mess from those that forget the lessons of history.

Elected officials that demonstrate the foresight and courage to do what is right for their constituents and taxpayers should be supported. The Utah Taxpayers Association asks any and all organizations and individuals to join in that effort.

Thank you to our signees for their exemplary leadership