Below is audio from the Utah Taxpayers Association Pre-Legislative Conference held Thursday, January 19, 2012.

Part 1 Contents:

  1. Budget Discussion with Rep. John Dougall and Sen. Lyle Hillyard (0:20)
  2. State Park Privatization with Sen. David Hinkins (13:20)
  3. Privatizing State Golf Courses with Doug White & Billy Casper of Billy Casper Golf (22:20)
  4. Privatizing Golf continued with Mark Whetzel of Vanguard Golf (34:54)
  5. Reforming the Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control with Rep. Ryan Wilcox (40:34)
  6. Should Property Taxes Subsidize Water with Sen. John Valentine (50:19)
  7. Charter School Bonding with Chris Bleak, President of Utah Public Charter Schools Assn. (58:30)

2012 Pre-Legislative Conference Part 1

Part 2 Contents:

  1. Tuition Tax Credits with Sen. Howard Stephenson (0:20)
  2. College and Career Readiness Assessment with Sen. Margaret Dayton (7:54)
  3. Tax Equity Between Brick & Mortar and Online Retailers with Rep. Wayne Harper and Mark Griffin of Overstock (14:00)
  4. Utah & Pennsylvania Education Ties with Rep. Greg Hughes and Dr. Nick Trombetta (25:10)
  5. Charter School Operations with Sheldon Killpack (37:42)
  6. What to do with Severance Taxes with Rep. Jim Nielson (43:46)
  7. Bringing Utah’s Procurement Code into the 21st Century with Sen. Wayne Niederhauser (50:40)
  8. Energy Tax Credits with Sen. Stuart Adams (58:01)
  9. A New Option for Local Option Sales Taxes with Sen. Ben McAdams (1:00:45)
  10. Bringing a Movie Studio to Utah with Sen. Mark Madsen (1:11:09)
  11. Raising the Personal Property Tax Exemption for Small Business with Rep. Patrick Painter (1:15:56)
  12. Refunding Erroneously Paid Sales Taxes (SB 27) with David Crapo (1:21:15)

2012 Pre-Legislative Conference Part 2