The Utah Taxpayers Association calculates how much residents pay in taxes and fees to cities. We look at the top 50 cities in Utah by population to determine how much a city collects in taxes and fees, then calculate the cost paid by residents by each $1,000 earned, as well as per capita. 

We use data from the State Auditor’s office, the Census Bureau, and each city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. This report is released every other year. This report is finalized around the month of June.

To request a hard copy of the most recent Cost of City Government report, email


2020 Cost of City Government

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2016 Cost of City Government Report

REPORT: UTAH CITIES TAKE $564 PER PERSON ANNUALLY Utah Taxpayers Association Cost of City Governments Report finds Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake to be the most expensive cities for taxpayers; Riverton and Taylorsville the least expensive. The Utah Taxpayers...